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From a generous spirit, a Dallas park is born.

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The overflowing landscape of Dragon Park must certainly cause some rubbernecking by passers-by. ¬†Sprouting out of the surrounding pavement, this little parcel of land at the corner of Hood and Cedar Springs has been transformed into a contemplator’s dream. Those who stop and stroll through the public garden are rewarded with whimsical figures and restful nooks, all worked into the landscape magically to create a glimpse of what a fairy tale might look like. ¬†In this fairy tale, the generous man behind Select Salon, Mark Maham, and his business partner, graciously lent to the Dallas community a piece of land and all of its treasures, if for no other reason than to share their vision of beauty with us. In this case, a fairy tale has come true…

Hood Street Entrance

Cedar Springs entrance

Petrified Wood Sculpture from Big Mango

Friendly gargoyle from Big Mango

Woman in Bronze

Angel under a pergola

Stone Pond from Big Mango

Petrified Wood Sculpture from Big Mango