Slab wood for tables, desks, counters, headboards and so much more

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In case you haven’t noticed, big chunky wood is all the rage. While we all know that a thick solid slab will create a jaw dropping dining table or desk, did you ever consider it, for example, as a floating counter? Or if the space allows, how about a beautiful slab placed vertically as a room divider or half-wall? Some pieces are so darn pretty that they beg to be mounted to a wall with no particular purpose at all…art, if you will.

Whatever your ambition, Big Mango has the slab. Acacia, Tamarind, Teak, Iron Wood, Coffee Wood and Jackfruit are the most common wood species in our collection. Choose your favorite piece and we’ll cut it to your specified size and re-finish it just how you want it.

For tables with bases (dining tables, desks, consoles, etc.) we use a mix-and-match approach. We offer a few really interesting options for bases, including stumps from rare woods and vines, as well as modern and contemporary bases from steel and wood. If we don’t have a base that’s perfect for you, then we are happy to refer you to an artisan for a custom job. However you choose to mix and match, Big Mango’s process allows you to tailor your tastes to your table.

Here’s how it works:

Choose the slab (there’s more where these came from)

Selection of Hardwood Slabs
Selection of Hardwood Slabs

Choose the length and finish

Slab in the re-finishing process
Slab in the re-finishing process

Choose the base

Custom Iron Base
Custom Iron Base

And your table is complete

Acacia Wood Dining Table
Acacia Wood Dining Table

A few other examples…

Teak and Acrylic Slab on Stainless Steel
Round Slab on Coffee Wood Trunk
Teak and Acrylic Slab on Stainless Steel

Tribal art for the culturally curious decorator

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Indonesia is home to thousands of culturally distinct groups that occupy roughly 6,000 islands. (The rest of the country’s 11,508 islands are humanless.) Because of the cultural richness of the entire country, it seems unfair only to speak about a few of the societies. But I think you’ll find these cultures and their traditional art representative of the fascinating history of the Indonesian people.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that all of these wonderful pieces can be found at Big Mango Trading Co.

To the Tana Toraja people of Sulawesi, the water buffalo is perhaps the most significant living creature, other than humans. It is not only a symbol of wealth and nobility, but also a tremendous asset for it’s trading value and meat. Because they are so revered, wooden buffalo heads like this adorn the front of most traditional Toraja houses.

Water Buffalo
Water Buffalo

The architecture belonging to the Tana Toraja people of Sulawesi is fascinating because of it’s unusual shapes and expressions. This panel is one of many that make up the front wall of a traditional Toraja home. The carvings represent the families’ social status and belief system, which is generally centered around prosperity and fertility.


Traditionally, necklaces like these were traded among the people of Papua New Guinea for the sole purpose of building mutual trust and social and business relationships. Made of seashells and plant fiber, these pieces were proudly worn.

Papua New Guinea Necklace
Papua New Guinea Necklace

Batik in Bali and throughout Indonesia is as much a part of the local culture as is satay and gado-gado, two common street vendor and menu offerings. Traditionally made for sarongs and other ceremonial dress, batik patterns today are incorporated into decorative textiles and fashionable clothing for international consumers.

Batik pillows

Being one of the few cultures in the world that have built megalithic burials, the people of Sumba treat their ancestral spirits or ‘Marapu’ seriously. These ‘guardian figures’, as they are also considered, are prominent in Sumbanese life, art and architecture.

Wood Guardian Figures
Ancestral Spirit on Horse
Stone Marapua

Proof that landscaping is an art form

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If you thought that landscaping was just a bunch of digging, planting and grueling yard work, then it is my pleasure to enlighten you. Join me in a short, visual adventure through the out-of-the-box gardens of landscaper and artiste, Rod Russel-Ides. Believe me, you won’t want this picture show to end.

A Pool for Reflecting
Trés Chic Fountain and Waterfall
Paradise Pool
Orbit-Shaped Stone and Wood Terrace

These are just a few of the stunning landscapes in Rod Russell-Ides’ repertoire of Signature Gardens. Yes, he makes our pieces look magical (see glass disc and water jars above) and we do love it when he incorporates them into his space, but most of the time he creates wonderful art all on his own.

Signature Gardens by Rod Russell-Ides 214.454.8615

“Whether it be a Tropical Paradise or Urbanscape, English Country or Wildscape (he calls is Greenarchy), Texas Casual or modernist Xeriscape, this designer does it all. His elegant and award-winning gardens reflect a distinctive artistry. From the hand-drawn designs to the impeccable installations, Rod Russell-Ides has been an innovative force in Dallas, Austin and Houston for almost two decades.”