Proof that landscaping is an art form

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If you thought that landscaping was just a bunch of digging, planting and grueling yard work, then it is my pleasure to enlighten you. Join me in a short, visual adventure through the out-of-the-box gardens of landscaper and artiste, Rod Russel-Ides. Believe me, you won’t want this picture show to end.

A Pool for Reflecting
Trés Chic Fountain and Waterfall
Paradise Pool
Orbit-Shaped Stone and Wood Terrace

These are just a few of the stunning landscapes in Rod Russell-Ides’ repertoire of Signature Gardens. Yes, he makes our pieces look magical (see glass disc and water jars above) and we do love it when he incorporates them into his space, but most of the time he creates wonderful art all on his own.

Signature Gardens by Rod Russell-Ides 214.454.8615

“Whether it be a Tropical Paradise or Urbanscape, English Country or Wildscape (he calls is Greenarchy), Texas Casual or modernist Xeriscape, this designer does it all. His elegant and award-winning gardens reflect a distinctive artistry. From the hand-drawn designs to the impeccable installations, Rod Russell-Ides has been an innovative force in Dallas, Austin and Houston for almost two decades.”